Impact matters.
Improvement matters.
Speed to results matters.


Let's face it, we've all been excited by the promises made during an agency review, the energy of the pitch process, and the prospect of starting a new business relationship. 

But once the decision is made and the dust settles, slowly but surely the pitch team disolves and the attention you received from their senior leadership vanishes. And you're left with a team of "available resources" plus anyone they can quickly recruit to fill open slots on the org chart.  

We decided that the bait and switch of the pitch process, the margin gained from understaffing accounts, and the glacial pace of progress didn't match the promises of "innovation" -- or the basic standards of client service. 

So we left our cushy jobs at traditional agencies and created our own. 

Now we help thriving businesses win more marketshare, discover their growth audiences, and have answers to the questions they'll face tomorrow.

If this is the kind of team you need to reach your next phase of growth, let's talk. 

How It Works

Big agency​​ muscle ​with small ag​ency hustle

Steve Rubinacci, former Omnicom, OMD, IPG, McCann Erickson, MEC, GroupM, WPP, Wavemaker


Managing Partner, 
Head of Media &​ Technology

Steve is a widely-known and respected 28-year media veteran who started his career at IPG with executive roles at Omnicom & WPP.

He's been a media lead for dozens of the world's best brands including McDonalds, Delta and AT&T.


Bryan A. Jackson, former Omnicom, OMD, MEC, GroupM, WPP, Zenith, Publicis


Managing Partner,
Head of Strategy & Growth

Bryan's leadership in  media includes running multiple AT&T divisions and the launch of Cricket Wireless and the AT&T/DIRECTV merger. 

Before TRIUNION he was EVP, Managing Director for Publicis' Zenith Media in ATL.


Nadya - Paid Search, PPC expert


Paid Search
Expert Partner

Nadya has been hands on in digital marketing since 2003. 

She's our resident expert in all things related to online revenue and lead generation through SEM/PPC account management.

Jill, video, streaming video, broadcast TV, spot TV expert


Expert Partner

Jill's distinguished career in media has spanned 30 years from Los Angeles to Atlanta. 

She's worked at media heavyweights including McCann Erickson, Zenith Media and PHD.


Lancy - print, magazine, trade publication, newspaper, insert, direct mail, FSI expert



Lancy began her career at the Montgomery Advertiser and continued at print powerhouse NSA/SPM on The Home Depot account.

She, Steve, and Bryan met at OMD -- she and Steve have worked together ever since.  

Different is good

We believe it takes diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives to create a truly unique service offerering -- where no idea is valued less than another -- and that resonates with your particular audience. This allows us to provide the best work for our clients. 

TRIUNION Marketing is an equal opportunity employer and strives to build a balanced team from all walks of life. We are an Atlanta-based business that is partially women owned. As we expand our business it is imperative that we hire the most talented employees with diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to support our mission to provide our clients with the best work and continued innovation.


There are more expensive agencies with a lot less experience

It's not uncommon to feel stifled by the bureaucracy and lack of creativity that can come with working for one of the big agency holding companies. In fact, it's a feeling that many of us can relate to at one time or another within a large organization. 

While we gained invaluable experience in our time at Omnicom, IPG, WPP, and Publicis, we knew when it was time to take a bold step: leaving our "big jobs" and starting our own agency.

Bryan & Steve circa 2007*

Steve made the move in 2018 when the advertising industry was in the midst of major upheaval, with new technologies and shifting consumer behavior challenging even the most well-established players. By the time Bryan joined him in 2022, the pair had guided clients through innumerable challenges and were committed to creating a different kind of agency: one that was  nimble, agile, and solely focused on delivering results for clients .

In the years since founding Rubinacci Marketing Services (RMS) –  now TRIUNION  – we have built on a reputation for strategic, effective campaigns that deliver real business results. And we've done it all without the constraints, overhead, and bureaucracy that you experience with big agency holding companies.

For us, this was about more than just striking out on our own. It was about creating a new way of doing business in an industry ripe for disruption. The gamble of putting client needs first and "over-servicing" accounts** has paid off.

Today, our agency is thriving by serving ambitious brands looking for a fresh, creative approach to their advertising investment. We continue to prove that size isn't everything when it comes to delivering great work. In fact,  it's often a detriment. 

If your business is looking for a fresh, transparent approach and improved performance, we would welcome the opportunity to show you a different kind of agency relationship that delivers a different type of results. 

* This is what peak media professional looked like at the time.
** We actually used to get in trouble for this.