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The name TRIUNION represents the alignment of Message and Media  with the intended Audience. It's blending the art and science of advertising to convert your best prospects into paying customers. 

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TRIUNION Marketing clients span numerous verticals and categories.

For brands of all shapes & sizes

We have decades of experience across dozens of categories.

Solving the toughest business challenges


For commodity products in regulated categories, there is little differentiation between offerings, and it’s a constant battle for market share – particularly during key buying seasons. 


A ‘set it and forget it’ approach to media does not lead to desired results. For a well-known brand in an established category, sometimes winning just requires a smart strategy backed by an experienced, hands-on team.  


For this client, our strategy was to simply kill complacency. We helped them develop the “sharp elbows” necessary to win every competitive space and optimize keywords and spend to unlock more value and drive more conversions. We used every dollar of investment to drive incremental advantages. For this campaign, we deployed an array of tactics including:   Broadcast Video & Sponsorships, Programmatic Digital, Paid Search, and Out of Home. 


Performance increased 121% in first six weeks 
Cost per conversion reduced by 70% in same time period

"Always friendly, always responsive, and a true partner. The Triunion team delivers top-quality, results-driven work. And because they understand the need to show ROI for dollars spent, they provided insightful recommendations that benefited our business objectives and were able to maximize the impact of our campaign budget." 

- Vice President, Brand & Marketing

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